Yoni Steam Intake Forms


*There will be no refunds issued once destination is reached

*All services must either be paid for in full, rescheduled, or cancelled no later than 24 hours before scheduled appointment

*Missed or cancelled appointments less than 24 hours before your scheduled time will incur a $30 booking cancellation charge

*If scheduled for a yoni steam and menstrual cycle comes on, services will be moved to a later date after menstrual bleeding has ceased

*Maximum travel time includes up to 2 hours from the Columbia, SC area

*A $25 travel fee applies to anyone 45 minutes or more away from the Columbia, SC area

*Travel Fee can be waived if 3 or more people book services together

*Any destination more than 30 minutes away must be booked on the weekend (Saturdays & Sundays only)

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions or concerns