Hello! My name is Kiyanna Muhammad. I started The KYSS Experience (Kesi’s Yoni Steam Spa) to provide herbal yoni steam and foot detox services in a spa like environment within the comfort of one’s own home as well as to help educate women on the natural ways to take care of their Yoni or sacred place.


I have always been into holistic medicine over pharmaceutical drugs, although, I do currently work in the healthcare industry as a Registered Technologist in Radiography and Bone Densitometry. Being in the health care field for 6+ years has given me a deep appreciation for researching natural ways of healing the body.


So when I discovered yoni steaming, I decided to learn more about this ancient practice and received my certification as a Yoni Steam Practitioner on February 10, 2019.


On March 17th 2019 I was able to experience a yoni steam for myself and I was absolutely blown away by the benefits it produced for me personally. With my educational training and continuous research I have developed my own special blends of herbal mixes to detox both the yoni and feet.


The yoni steam detox mixes can remove negative energy; promote relaxation, increase libido, and fertility. As well as help combat menstrual cramps, urinary tract infections (UTI), bacterial/ yeast infections, and fibroids/PCOS.


The foot detox mix helps to eliminate harmful toxins and heavy metals out of the entire body through the feet as well as promotes relaxation and circulation.  


I am very happy and pleased that I am now able to offer these amazing services to you in the comfort of your own home!


I am looking forward to helping you!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!


Kiyanna Muhammad R.T.(R)(BD)

Owner of Kyss Experience

Registered Technologist

Yoni Steam Practitioner

Yoni Steam Intake Forms